For Translations

Why should you put down a lot of time on trying to find the rights interpreter? Work with us and get access to many interpreters around the world. These interpreters, who are qualified especially for this line of business, are carefully selected and tested in order to meet your needs when it comes to translation. Beside languages available in our base office (English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Russian, Kurdish), our network of translators/ interpreters covers more than 20 languages.
Today most Scandinavian companies chose to invest in Alanya and its vicinities. The reason why chose us is simply a matter of confidence that they see through our competency. There is quite a long list of multi-national companies who prefer our assistance to improve their businesses.

We Are Professionals

It is a must for you to pursue your business with the assistance of a sworn translator/ interpreter, necdet-gundem-translatorwithout a sworn translator offices, either state or private, do not handle your matters especially when such matters are to be documented. Then it comes that you need to contact the right people to assist you in translating in your mother tongue (English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Russian, Kurdish, etc) or in English- internationally recognised world language. You should not forget that having a sworn translator with you makes you feel secure. Any of your statements signed and sealed by the sworn translator is deemed official and a real guaranty for you.
There are critical points where contact right translator / interpreter is crucial. For instance, if you are in a trading business or through banking transactions you need to feel confident.
Where actually you need a sworn Translator/ Interpreter:

Legal Offices
Notary Public
Local Government Office
Tax Office
Title Deed Office
Police Office
The Municipality

Public Areas
Board Meetings

Here are five basic reasons to your advantage to choose us:
1. Good prices
2. Quick deliveries
3. Professional service
4. Quality controlled translations
5. First class network with professional interpreters/translators

When you are in a foreign country you need to get information from qualified people so that you are not pushed into difficulties. You might need consultancy in the following matters:

-Medical care
-Places to stay
-Places to eat
-Places to entertain
-Places to visit
-Where and how to invest
-Selection of an appropriate place to buy real property
-Procedures to be followed in buying and selling of real property
-Related provisions of “Turkish Property Act”
-What “Power of Attorney” means
-Notary procedures
-Opening and closing bank accounts
-House furnishing
-House maintaining
-Traffic procedures
-Social and Cultural Activities
-Where and how to enter claims
-Electricity, water, telephone, internet, ADSL, Satellite TV, Cable TV connections.
-Banking (how to open and close accounts, give instructions for automatic payments)

There are cases that you cannot commence, proceed yourself. Even if you try it, its tiring and time killing. You might even give up before you reach your goal. Then, there is a need for professionals to take over your business and assist you to finalise it.

We offer intermediary service as follows:
-In trading real estate.
in finding a property of your choice (buying and renting)
in selling your property.
-In making investment
-In establishing a commercial company
-In opening a work place
-In introduction and application of the Turkish Property Law (KMY)
-In getting residential permit, and
-so many other matters

Arranging your will in Alanya is a matter of 30 minutes only.
Once you obtain estate in Alanya, you will probably need to arrange your will, which is another reality of life. In case you prefer to get involved personally,
Just make sure you have the following documents ready before you enter the Notary Public with your sworn Translator/Interpreter.
Transition of your assets in Turkey is a long procedure which needs time, effort and patience if you try to make it in your country. What you need to do is to contact us while you are here. Our company, with wide range of performance capacities, is also highly competent in such procedures. Simply enjoy your life and feel safe move around while procedures are being carried along and securely finalised on your behalf.
A will arranged with the Notary Public here in Alanya is sent over to the Association of Public Notaries in Ankara as well as to the ministry of foreign affairs for verification. As soon as the will is arranged with the local Notary it is deemed valid and transition of the property to the heirs is automatically recognised, even if the person issuing will is deceased during the process. What you need is simply enter the Notary Public with;

1.Your Passport
2.Four (4) passport size photographs
3.Credit report information for the one/ones you want to include in your will
4.Two witnesses

We offer you advice in many other areas:

  1. Purchase of real property (a villa house, apartment flat or a real estate of any kind, land). Once you assign us with a Power of Attorney, we go through the process on your behalf until we get legal ratification of your property. No need to worry.
  2. House Building , architecture, designs/plans
  3. Investment
  4. Furniture and home design
  5. Legal ratification process
  6. Real estate trading contracts
  7. Buying vehicals

Residence permit